Tour d’oh(nut)

Staunton’s Tour de Donut is the first race I ever entered.  In this quirky race, entrants race a ~30 mile route with two donut stops; 5 minutes are deducted from your finishing time for each donut eaten, and results are tabulated for both outright time and donut-adjusted time.



In 2009, shortly after my first Katy Trail through-ride, my son and I “raced” this for the first time and were instantly hooked.  Well, I was; he made it back one more time before moving on.  Not only was this my first race, but it was also my first podium in 2010 (2nd place AG donut-adjusted) and the first outright podium finish that wasn’t a function of low numbers of entrants (2nd place AG last year).

Based on last year’s strong finish — by chip time I was the 9th woman overall — I returned this year with big ambitions of repeating my podium.  I even recruited a small crew of domestiques.  Granted, I didn’t really do any bike training after Dirty Kanza, but I’d logged about 120 miles on my mountain bike in the past few weeks and should be able to manage a 34-mile road effort in someone else’s draft.

Unfortunately my road bike, perhaps bitter over being ignored in favor of my other bikes, had other plans entirely.

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Stubborn Mule 30 hour adventure race


Last weekend I headed up to the Northwoods area of Wisconsin for my first 30 hour adventure race.  After tackling three 24 hour courses, I was confident that a few more hours would be no big deal.  It turns out that being six hours into a race and realizing you have a full 24 hours remaining is a little daunting.

There were many potential dangers facing us.  Were we eaten alive by voracious mosquitoes? Did we capsize in the rapids? Did we see a bear? Did we get How many times did we get rained on? Did we finish the race?  Check out the race report and see.

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Indian Camp Creek “9″ hr mountain bike race


This past Saturday was the Indian Camp Creek , mountain bike race, an endurance event featuring 3/6/9 hour divisions for solos and teams.  Two years ago I raced in the 12-hour edition of this event, riding 9 laps (72 miles) over the course of the day.  This year I thought 6 laps was a decent goal for what I basically considered an expensive training ride.  That’s not exactly how things played out…let’s see if you can see where I went wrong with this little pop quiz.


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Goomna adventure race

Goomna is a short, local adventure race. While my typical AR is 12-24 hours and set in areas like state parks and national forestland, Goomna has an urban setting and takes most teams less than 6 hours.

Despite it’s proximity to my hometown, I’d never raced Goomna before and wasn’t planning to this year either…until I got a call the day before the race from a team looking for a last-minute sub. Was I in? You bet? Check out the way it all played out in my race report.


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Dirty Kanza 2014


By the time we lined up at the start line of the Dirty Kanza 200, it had already been a loooong couple of days. Friday started with a slight navigational miscue (turns out the GPS is most useful when used) that stretched a 5 hour drive into something more like 7. It ended with the worst night of “sleep” in my entire life; sleep is in quotation marks because I think I laid awake in bed all night.

When Saturday morning started with the realization that my bike clothes were not only soaked (with cinnamon whiskey, no less) but also covered with shards of glass, I could only imagine what the rest of the day held in store for me.

Quite a bit, as it turned out….

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Anything can happen…

It’s that time again.  Dirty Kanza is a mere 3 days away.  In fact, at this time 3 days from right now, I’ll hopefully be nearing the halfway point.  It’s pretty much all I’ve thought about for the past few days, and I have high, though very nervous, hopes.  Wish me luck, and if you want to read more about it, check out my latest blog post!

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Dorcy light review

New gear to review is always fun! #gearreview #dorcy

I recently had the opportunity to test out some Dorcy lights: a headlamp, a bike light, and a tail light. Check out my review and see what I thought about them!

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